How to Change AOL Password

What will you do if you suddenly realize that you are unable to access your AOL account anymore? Well! You will definitely get stressed at the moment thinking of this fact that your important information is being compromised. Security is very important, especially while using internet services. If you have forgotten your AOL password or you have any doubt related to AOL mail account security then Change AOL  password to secure your account. Yes! changing the password is the best option to secure your account and eliminate the risk of a hacker. So, Change AOL password and enjoy using the AOL services in a secure manner.

How to change AOL  password?

Below are some simple steps which you can follow for AOL email password change. Follow every step very carefully to avoid the hassles and mistake in the process:

  • Firstly, navigate to the AOL website and sign in to the AOL account.  Go the ‘Account Information’ section.

  • Important- If you do not remember the password or you are unable to sign in to AOL account then, click on ‘forgot password’  to Change AOL  password.

  • In the Next step, you have to answer the ‘ Account Security’ Question for user verification. If you have forgotten the answer then select  Forgot Answer option present on the Security Question page to reset the password.

  • Always create a difficult answer to the Account Security Question which is hard to guess.  Prefer to use the combination of alphabets, numbers and special symbols., so a hacker cannot guess your password.

  • After that, click Change Password option present under the Account Security Section located the top right corner.

  • Now, you have to enter the old you remember and then the new password to change AOL password. Make sure that you use a combination of letters, numbers and the special character( if allowed. Your password should be of minimum 8 characters.

  • At last, click on the save button and complete the process. So, this is how you can change AOL password easily and hassle-free.

Change AOL password

Some important tips to create a strong password:

  • A strong password is very important to keep intruders and hackers away from your account. Here are some tips you can follow to change AOL password and create a strong one.

  • Always use unique words.

  • The password should be of minimum 8 or more characters long.

  • Never use your personal details as a password.

  • Use a different password for different websites.

If you have ever been asked to Change AOL password then make sure it’s a legitimate request to maintain the security of your account.

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